Ultra Pro Wall Scroll - Baneslayer Angel

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    Bring classic Magic: The Gathering masterpieces to your game room with this premium, silky fabric wall scroll with black rods & hanging cord. Ultra PRO wall scrolls are made with the highest quality materials and printed with vibrant, full color, high resolution details on fabric that's soft and silky to the touch. Dimensions are approximately 26.8 x 37.4 in. This officially licensed product is made only by Ultra PRO International - authenticity can be verified by our "UP" logo imprint on the rod ends. Features the classic Baneslayer Angel artwork from the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering.
    • Official Magic: The Gathering wall scroll to decorate your game room!
    • Premium soft, silk-like fabric with high quality rods & rope
    • Features the classic "Baneslayer Angel" artwork from Magic: The Gathering lore
    • Dimensions are approximately 26.8 x 37.4 inches
    • Hanging rod ends imprinted with "UP" authentic mark

    - $32.99

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