Soloventure: The Warlock's Dungeon

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    In Soloventure: The Warlock's Dungeon, you find yourself waking up in a dark dungeon. With no idea how you arrived there your only choice is to follow the meandering caverns, hoping for a sign of the path to escape!

    This solo-play game has been designed from the ground-up as a single player campaign with endless replayability and playthrough. With Four Heroes to choose from and a procedurally-generated dungeon full of randomized encounters, you will need to keep your wits about you as you delve deeper into The Warlock's Dungeon!


    Soloventure: The Warlock's Dungeon is a Canadian made game from Outer Edge Games. 

    *1 player solo play

    *Recommended for ages 12+

    - $24.99

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