Star Wars: The Clone Wars - A Pandemic System Game

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    The Grand Army of the Republic is in continuous conflict with the unending waves of Count Dooku's droid battalions. ln Star Wars: The Clone Wars - A Pandemic System Game, stand together as legendary Jedi against the Sith Lord and his Separatist forces. Utilize each character's unique abilities to eut down swarms of droids, complete missions across the galaxy, and use the power of the Force to battle iconic villains across four exciting scenarios.

    The next title in the bestselling Pandemic System set during the time of the popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

    Players take on the roles of heroic Jedi, each with powerful and unique abilities, to battle the Separatist forces

    Play through 4 different scenarios, each featuring its own main villain

    An epic table presence with a large-sized board, illustrated cards, and striking miniatures, including legendary Jedi, iconic villains, and swarms of battle droids and blockade ships

    A standalone game inspired by the cooperative classic Pandemic.

    - $49.99

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