Puzzle - 1000 pcs - Spirit Of The 50s

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    With the years of rationing rapidly coming to an end, the future looked promising.  Although few owned a television set, most knew someone who did, and by the end of the decade, 60 per cent of homes had one.  

    Change was on its way: filter-tipped cigarettes, self-service supermarkets, sugar-coated breakfast cereals, Wagon Wheels, the convenience of instant coffee, and the dramatic new detergent washing powders with vibrant packaging. Elvis Presley was the singing sensation from the USA, along with Bill Haley, who brought rock 'n' roll to Britain's teenagers.

     As with all Gibsons jigsaws, the beautifully illustrated pieces are made from the highest quality 100% recycled board and are therefore a pleasure to work with again and again.

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