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    It‘s a beautiful spring day — the perfect weather for a walk in the forest! The leaves on the trees rustle in a gentle breeze, and the sunlight shines through the branches. Lost in thoughts, the players turn once here and then again there... Suddenly they hear something behind them in the bushes. They step closer and discover...a goose?! And it‘s talking to a goblin? Something is not right with this forest! It might be best to head home quickly. But which is the shortest way back?

    On a turn, a player flips over an unoccupied forest tile that matches the light/dark status of the clearing tile. If the revealed side of the tile has one of the eight fairy tale characters on it, the player must move their player piece one space toward the side of the grid where this character is located — but only if a path connects the tile they currently occupy and the tile to which they must move. If no path exists, they don‘t move. Starting with the second round, the clearing tile will flip from light to dark and back again, challenging players to remember which characters are on which tiles so that they can move in the direction that helps them best.




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