GenesisBOC: Invasion booster box (EoEE)

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    This is a preorder.   This product is expected to release on December 2nd, 2023.   

    Invasion introduces 7 new champions to the world of Jaelara, along with 130 functionally unique cards to expand the Genesis experience!

    Will you defend the divided nations against the invading forces? Or will you join the demons in creating anarchy throughout the land?

    This expansion booster set will excite players by exploring the unique tactical mechanics of Genesis in ways never before seen, and adds new, beautiful treatments and variants to cards that will introduce a new age of collecting to this battle of champions!

    Genesis: Battle Of Champions is a Canadian-made collectible card game!   

    Every card is designed by a team of maple-syrup drinking Canadians.

    - $119.99

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