GenesisBOC: 2023 Starter Decks (set of all 5)

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    This is a preorder.   This product is expected to release on December 2nd, 2023.   


    It is an exciting time for Genesis: Battle of Champions - both within the game, and outside of it!

    Inside the game, an Invasion has begun. Lost to history and thought to be merely a myth, demons have returned and are trying to claim a foothold in Jaelara. With all five affiliations to play as, this new set features some of the most diverse deckbuilding options and visually stunning artwork yet.

    Outside of the game, we are excited to introduce our newest supplemental product, the Invasion Starter Decks! There are 5 new decks, one for each affiliation in the game.  These decks are designed to be playable right out of the box, with each deck focusing on a single colour affiliation to provide easy entry level gameplay that new players will enjoy.

    Starter Decks are fully playable right out of the box, with each deck having 50 cards plus a Champion and some Subconscious cards. 



    Genesis: Battle Of Champions is a Canadian-made collectible card game!   

    Every card is designed by a team of maple-syrup drinking Canadians.

    - $79.99

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