Beta Starter Set

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    This two player starter set has everything needed for you and a friend to immediately jump into your first Genesis: Battle Of Champions battle!

    The beta starter kits include:

    • 8 Champion cards

    • 25 Bellum cards, 25 Thymos cards, 25 Axon cards, 25 Chaos cards

    • 44 Aura cards

    • 10 tip cards

    • 1 paper arena (split in two halves)

    • 12 Dice

    • 10 Exert Shards

    • 2 booster packs

    Genesis: Battle Of Champions is a Canadian-made collectible card game!   

    Every card is designed by a team of maple-syrup drinking Canadians, and all sealed products are made in Canada by a herd of highly trained hockey playing moose. 

    - $34.99

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