Angel Of Retribution (JAE, 129/135) FULL ART, EPIC

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    Affiliation: Jaelara Axon Bellum
    Artist: Damjan Gjorgievski
    Author: Assad Quraishi
    Awareness: Forward
    Card Number: 129
    Chi: 8
    Health: 6
    Rule Text: Action - Beckon - Aura 25 Place Angel of Retribution on a spot adjacent to you, facing the same direction as you, then exert it. Swift - Range Holy Attack [6] - Exert Angel of Retribution deals 6 Range, Holy damage to a target in its awareness. Continuous - Flight Angel of Retribution can move onto a spot even if it is occupied. Continuous - Aerial The only Attack abilities that can target Angel of Retribution are Range Attack abilities.
    Sub Type: Angel
    Type: Summon
    Rarity: EPIC

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