13 Dead End Drive

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    13 Dead End Drive first hit the scene in 1994, and now this fan favorite is back by popular demand to entertain a whole new generation!

    Who will inherit Aunt Agatha's fortune?

    Aunt Agatha has passed away without any surviving relatives - so now her fortune is up for grabs! Her 12 friends and employees are all anxiously awaiting the reading of her will. She has left her estate to her favorite person (...or cat!) - the one whose portrait is shown hanging on the wall when the will is finally read. Will it be you?

    Inheriting a fortune isn't easy!

    It’s hard to stay on your feet here at 13 Dead End Drive. The mansion is filled with traps for the unwary - including a toppling statue, a shaky chandelier and more! You may even have to spring some of these traps on your own to “knock off” your opponents and win the game.

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