Exile Essentials Magic: The Gathering Starter Kit

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    Looking for something fun that you can give to someone to help beat down the boredom that can happen during the self-isolation of Covid-19? 

    Now you can give the gift of Magic: The Gathering to a special someone you're thinking of!  This bundle contains everything a person needs to begin playing Magic: The Gathering, all in one fun and very handy kit!

    Contents of the Exile Essentials Magic: The Gathering starter Kit:

    1 randomly selected Playmat  (may be Ultra Pro, Dragon Shield or North Of Exile Games)

    1 randomly selected package of 100 sleeves (or 2 matching packages of 50)

    1 randomly selected Magic: The Gathering deck, ready to play and brand new.  (this will be either a Planewalker Deck or Challenger Deck)  

    1 randomly selected basic deck box

    6 North Of Exile branded D6 dice.

    - $54.99

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