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Sword & Shield: Build And Battle! (sealed format)

NOTE: There is a limit of 10 participants for this event.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our first ever sealed Pokemon event on Saturday, February 15th as we celebrate the release of the newest Pokemon TCG set, Sword & Shield!

Pokemon parents are probably asking themselves "why is this event $30?" The answer is that this event is a "sealed" event, which is different from our normal Saturday mornings.

A sealed event is one where the entry fee includes all of the Pokemon cards that players will need to have in order to build a deck on the spot and play with it. You won't need to bring a Pokemon deck or any cards from home to play in this event!

In the case of this specific event, participants will be receiving special "build and battle boxes" that include booster packs of the brand new set 'Sword & Shield', as well as a special 23-card Evolution pack each, featuring key cards from current and prior sets, including 1 of 4 alternate-art promo cards.

Sealed events are a great way for players to experience brand new cards together for the first time, and we know that this event will be very special.

Entry into this exclusive event is also very limited, to the first 10 players who sign up - so you might want to consider preregistering for this event ahead of time in store, in order to reserve a space for yourself or that special Pokemon player in your family on the big day!

Also note that this tournament is open for players of all ages - kids and adults - to all join in the fun, while space lasts. Parents, this might be a good opportunity to join in the fun and play in an event along with your young ones!

1 booster pack to every participant who stays to play in the first round.

1 additional booster pack will be awarded to players who win their game in the 2nd round.

Sword & Shield: Build And Battle! (sealed format) ticket

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