New location, new events!

by North of Exile Games

We've made the move to our new location in Downtown Midland, and now it is time for us to begin hosting all of your favorite gaming events again!

We are keeping our options open for hosting various different formats of Magic during our Friday Night Magic events, including a very casual Commander format night that we will be hosting, beginning at 7:00pm - players of all skill levels are welcome!

This Saturday marks the long-awaited return of our Pokemon Play Youth Group!  Kids from ages 7 to 16 will be able to come and enjoy up to 3 hours of organized play, lunch - including pizza, a drink and a small ice cream cone - plus each youth will also receive a new booster pack of Pokemon cards to take home (a $6 value).

It's a great way for kids to meet new friends from other local schools, who all share a love for Pokemon and having fun.
***Important information regarding our Pokemon Play Youth Group:

-All youth ages 13 and under MUST be signed into our events by an adult. Dropping your child off unsupervised outside of our location is not permitted.
-Each youth needs to bring their own Pokemon deck to play with. Please note that bringing a large amount of random cards is not the same thing as having a deck of cards that is ready to play with. We also carry a variety of ready to play decks in store, which can be purchased at any time.


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