It's the "Let's just pay our mortgage" sale!

by North of Exile Games

Covid-19 continues to affect just about everyone, including us here in the North.   The end of the month is running towards us like a hungry Hill Giant, and we need to make sure that we slay this problem in time! 

That's why we currently are running our first ever "Let's just pay the mortgage" sale!


This sale includes BIG savings on Dragon Shield sleeves and Ultra Pro playmats.   But that's not all! 

We have just begun Phase 3 of the sale,which we think may be our most favorite-est phase of them all.         ...what's phase 3, you ask? Free board games!

For a limited time, any individual order reaching a total of $100+ worth of board games (before taxes and shipping!) will qualify for a FREE additional board game from the list below. Any individual order totaling over $200 worth of board games (again, before taxes & shipping) will qualify for your choice of any THREE games from the list!

How do you get your free games?

We've been able to set up our website to automatically reduce the price on up to 2 selected games to $0.00 when a qualifying order is placed as long as the bonus games are already in your cart. That means that all of the $100+ orders will be able to get their 1 free game automatically, just by adding it to their webcart.

For orders of $200+, you'll be able to add 2 of the selected games to your order, and receive them for free automatically. For your 3rd free game, please contact us on Facebook or e-mail us at , and we'll add your 3rd free game to your qualifying order at no additional cost!

Here's a list of the free games you can choose from, and their regular prices here in the North:

Marvel Contest Of Champions - $49.99
Spike - $29.99
Guards Against Insanity - $39.99
Shadow Games - $24.99
Hanabi - $11.99
Armageddon - $44.49
Pixie Queen - $47.99
My Little Scythe - $42.99
Vampire Queen - $14.99

Additional free game choice options, not pictured:

Nitro Glyxerol - $16.99
The Piggyback Brigade - $26.99
Heroes & Tricks - $29.99

Now is definitely a great time to save big on some fun and games, while supporting your local game store.



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