Bonus gifts with select KALDHEIM preorders from!

by North of Exile Games

It's January, and we are THRILLED to finally have put 2020 in our rearview mirror!

To celebrate this brand new year, we are offering our Magic: The Gathering customers an opportunity to earn some INCREDIBLE bonus gifts for free with select preorders of KALDHEIM booster boxes*!

All qualifying preorders* of KALDHEIM draft, set and/or collector's booster boxes will come with an additional FOIL promo card of our choice - either the Double Master's version of WRATH OF GOD (current estimated value approximately $10 cad), OR the Commander edition MANA CONFLUENCE (current estimated value approximately $20 cad).   We will also be including one sealed promo pack from either Zendikar Rising or Core Set 2021 with each booster box ordered as well.

Want to REALLY maximize your added value?   Preorder 3 or more booster boxes (you can mix and match between draft, set and Collector's booster boxes), and we will upgrade ALL of your complimentary promo packs to premium FOIL promo packs instead! 

With an incredible value like this, there is no better place to lock in your KALDHEIM preorders than right here in the North - we're Canada's local game store!


*offer valid until January 28th, 2021, or while supplies last.  


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